Super Value Bin

Super Value Bin

Great for larger families or the culinary enthusiast. A mix of 15 to 17 different fruits and veggies, and a large amount of serving within!

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This Week's Fresh Produce Selection:

For the Spring(almost summer) week of June 5th: Let the Sunshine, let the sunshine, the sun...shine in!

  • 3# Potatoes: Local, farm direct - Denison Farms
  • Bunch Kale: Local
  • Bunch Parsley: Local, farm direct - Denison Farms
  • 1# Apricots: Cali'
  • 4 Nectarines: Cali'
  • 1# Pkg. Strawberries: Cali'
  • 6 OTV Tomatoes: Cali'/Mex.
  • 4 Corn: Cali'
  • 1 Lettuce: Local, farm direct - Spring Hill Farms
  • Bunch Broccolini/Broccolette: Cali'
  • Spring Onions: Local, farm direct - Spring Hill farms
  • 1# Carrots: Cali'
  • Garlic: Cali'
  • Lg. Bunch Bananas: Mex.
  • Bunch Spinach: Local
  • 2 Cucumbers: Cali'
  • 1 Hard Squash: Mex.

Size and weight are approximate and can vary as sometimes we only know the size of things when we receive them. Items may vary from this original posted list due to quality and availability. Thank you!

Current farms that we work with directly: Denison Farms, Spring Hill Farm, Glory B Farms, Misty Mt Mushrooms, Hood River Organic, Bella Organic Farm, Mt Hood Organic Farm and Gee Creek Farm.

Note: Produce items can change daily, due to quality, availability, size, and price. Because of our commitment to bring you the finest, freshest produce available, sometimes items may be substituted, and/or quantities altered. Thank you!

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